My mom always taught me that every tiny detail in an experience affects how someone feels, and in turn, reacts. I’ve found myself applying this lens to all my work, from design, to choreography, to hosting Diwali gatherings. With this org, I hope to bring our community meaningful experiences that help our generation reclaim our heritage while celebrating the beauty of our hybrid culture.

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I admire and practice visual work that focuses on culture and identity. Photography, design, and film are my mediums, but I see them as equal to the people I’m with & the conversations I have. They’re my fuel for creating art. I’m building Third Eye Collective to find a foundation to grow on, to expand my reach, and to always come back to my roots. I hope you’ll join us :)

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As a board member of Third Eye Co, Bianca leads Community Partnerships: finding the right collaborators and creative partners to bring our org to new levels. She works as a Digital Product Manager at L’Oréal.